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Visas to Canada for Indian students double in 2017 7Am Pm Services - Blog

Visas to Canada for Indian students double in 2017

Posted on 2017-11-02 15:35:46.000000

Visas to Canada for Indian students double in 2017

US president Donald Trump's anti-immigration stance appears to be pushing Indian students looking for an international education to other countries. And Canada's liberal environment is attracting many.

The number of student visas issued by the Canadian embassy and consulates in India has doubled this year from last year, Jennifer Daubeny, consul general of Canada in Bengaluru addressed.

She said she could not provide year-wise numbers, but said there are 75,000 Indian students in Canada now. This number was under 50,000 in 2015, and was 20,000 in 2010, according to the Canadian magazine of immigration. "We have increased local staff for visa processing, and we even brought in 2-3 people from Canada for six to eight weeks this year to help with the workload and make turnaround times faster," she added.

Yet, student visas took six to seven weeks to be processed during the peak July-August period.

The US, UK, Australia and Canada are the top destinations for Indian students. In 2016, Indians constituted 14% of the international students in Canada, behind the Chinese (34%), but well ahead of the third placed French and South Koreans (6%). A year before, the Indian proportion was 12%, making it one of the fastest growing communities.

MBAs and post-graduate programmes in science and engineering were traditionally what Indians went to Canada for. But Daubeny said now there are good numbers going for under-graduate programmes. "We are even looking to attract students into high school," she said.

Daubeny said Canada is attractive to students because the quality of education is very high, and because the country's multi-cultural environment makes students feel welcome. Students can also stay on to work in Canada for a certain period and have a path to permanent residency.

Daubeny said the cost-quality ratio in education is very good. An HSBC study of 2014 found Canada to be the lowest cost study-abroad destination compared to the US, UK, Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong. The annual university fees and living costs together were estimated at $42,093 for Australia, $39,229 for Singapore, $36,564 for the US, $35,045 for the UK, $32,140 for Hong Kong, and $29,947 for Canada (all in US dollars).


"Canada is the cheapest study-abroad destination in the English-speaking world. We have 50 good universities and community colleges. They are publicly funded and regulated by the provinces," Daubeny said.


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Source - TOI